Glycoenzymes for Bioindustries

About Glycoenzymes for Bioindustries

Glycoenzymes are responsible for the biosynthesis of all glycans and glycoconjugates and as such provide a rich source of biocatalysts for industrial applications; however, few glycoenzymes are commercially available.

This project will translate existing academic work in the production of an expanded toolkit of glycoenzymes suitable for transformational potential in: diagnostics, biologics and nutraceuticals, but with broader applications which can be satisfied via enzyme production and supply partners.

The project requires an integrated approach featuring:


Identification of desirable glycoenzyme activities


Identification of candidate genes/enzymes using advanced data-mining techniques


Standardising, benchmarking and generating an invaluable open access database


Optimisation of biocatalysts in terms of stability, activity, production scale and substrate specificity

Establishing novel high-throughput screening protocols that are benchmarked against existing methods

Enabling commercial production of glycoenzymes at gram and kg scale

Our Goal

Realisation of this project will lead to the generation of glycoenzymes which can be directly commercialised as a toolkit for glycoscience and Industrial Biotechnology applications, and evaluated for novel advanced manufacturing applications.

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